Mini Labyrinth Wooden Game Board Maze

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Usage: First put a ball on the first side, and start rolling beads along the line, and dragging it forward along the ditch step by step; Once the pearls slide to the side hole, you must be very careful, or it will fall into the hole, and you will not reach the game. When the balls slip in the end, and win. pass the ball to the starting line, swing the discto make the ball go forward through the road, so that the ball along the road map to slide forward. you should be careful, not leave the ball in the trap, if so, you should restart the game. you reach the destination, you win. 

Material: Wood 
Product Size: about12 * 12 * 2.5cm / 4.72 * 4.72 * 0.98in 
Age: 3+ years 

Packing list: 
1 * Maze Game