UV Protected Car Sun Shades

List Price: $92.95
Member Only Price: $47.95

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This is a new and revolutionary way of protecting children and rear-seat passengers from harmful UV rays. CAR SUNSCREEN SHADES are made from 100% polyester, high quality thin netting, enabling it to stretch and provide the best fit for the door frame. CAR SUNSCREEN is MULTI-FIT and is compatible for most family cars. 

❥Prevent mosquitoes and other flying bug getting in.
❥Block sunlight and cut UV Rays, reduce car interior temperature;
❥Prevent car accessories from being faded and worn by the sunlight;
❥Prevent the outside peeping when the back-seat guys need personal time.

❅Best Heat-Insulating Solution for Kids
There are two types of UV light that can harm your skin, UVB radiation will cause sunburn and contribute to skin cancer, while UVA rays absorb deeply into the skin and cause wrinkles and premature aging. The fair-skin people actually increase the risk for sun damage than the dark-skinned people. Especially when we drive for a long trip in summer, exposed to UV rays is easy to form tan lines. Not mention the little delicate baby, and it is imperative to find an efficient solution to keep the little boys and girls from shinning sunlight. Our sun shades are designed to insulate ultraviolet light and high temperature irradiation, offering protection for your kids.

-Unfold the sunshade and slide over top of door frame
-Pull it down to cover entire window and smooth the wrinkle
-Peel off the adhesive then stick it on inside of the door
-Tighten the sunshade by sticking it together

-Not for cars with sliding doors or without frame.
-Please allow slight measurement deviation for the data.
-Once fitted, the shade may be easily moved, please use the tape to keep it firmed.