Universal Iron Protective Mat

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  • No more burn marks, no more leaving dirty marks, perfect for improving / renewing aging iron.
  • Suitable for passing all kinds of sensitive materials such as cotton, wool, silk and special synthetic materials-PES, PE, etc.
  • This model is suitable for all types of household electric irons. As long as the iron is not too small.
1. This product is made of natural PTFE material and has a heat resistance temperature of up to 260 ° C. The hole design on the product ensures a smooth transition and even the distribution of vapor throughout the bottom.
2. Prevents sensitive materials from shrinking due to the high temperature; it can also prevent soft fibers from sticking from bottom of the iron
3. Keeping the iron clean and ready for use.

  • Style: Portable
  • Item: Steam Iron Pad
  • Material: Teflon/PTFE
  • Size: 23X15.5X0.5CM