Ocarina Classic Blue 12 Holes

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  • Holes: 12 holes
  • Pitch: Alto C
  • Main Material: Ceramic
  • blue color
  • Size: Approx 15.5 * 9 cm / 6.1 * 3.54 inches
  • Net Weight: About 234g / 0.52lb / 8.25 oz
  • ocarina is made of ceramic.
  • he is listening to the key of C and Alto 13 ratings ranging from A4 to F6 including sharps and flats.
  • it has exquisite breath and clear tone.
  • it is suitable for beginners and professional artist.
  • the bag is on the inside to protect the ocarina protection against damage.
  • Skill Level: for Beginners and Professional Performer
1. The neck strap is delivered and the color is drawn.
2. If he likes you allow 1-2mm measurement error handmade measurement. Thanks for your consideration.
3. Reason Crafts, Picture May Not Reflect The Real Color Of Article. please make sure you do not mind before ordering. thank you.
4. Your may be different when different people play. please make sure you do not mind before ordering. thank you.
Package Includes:
Ocarina: Blue Ocarina