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Are you still toss coins to make a desision? It's behind the times! Why don't you just leave all things you hesitate to this decision-making pen? Spinning it, and then it'll indicate one of them like: Yes, Stay, Try, Go Ahead, No, Buy, Sell, Give up, when the result shows, you'll know which choice you really want. And it's also a good choice to relieve stress, to kill boring time or just to be a paperweight, anyway, you desk do need a decor like it.
Material: Metal, Magnetic
Color: Silver
Ink: Black
Weight: About 257g
Refill: 1mm
Diameter of Seat: 72mm
Diameter of Cone: 23mm(Bottom), 11mm(Top)
Height of Cone: 27mm
Diameter of Pen: 13mm(Middle)
Length of Pen: 132mm.