Space Saving Ice Cube Tray

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Do your ice cube trays consume most of your freezer’s space? It’s even harder to twist and turn just to extract those ice cubes. Now here’s  a much easier way for that!

The space saving ice cube tray is a manual ice maker that’ll save you space in your freezer by replacing up to 10 traditional ice cube trays. When you’re not using it to store ice in your freezer, you can also use it to keep bottled drinks cold, and you may even want to fill it with ice cream. It’s dishwasher safe, but it’s fine to just rinse it off after each use if it’s not filthy.

The space saver ice cube tray consists of a solid inner chamber and an outer chamber that’s made of flexible blue food-grade BPA free silicone. The airtight inner chamber is the one that’ll hold onto your ice cubes, while the outer chamber freezes them to your satisfaction. You’ll also use the textured inside of your outer chamber to help you squish and break up your cubes after they’re done freezing.