Self Adhesive PVC Painted Wallpaper

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1. Self-adhesive wallpaper is easy to put, and it can be removed and reused. 
2. With retro brick patterns, you can enjoy a warm and romantic atmosphere at home, which is comfortable and elegant. 

Product Parameters:
1. Material: environmentally friendly PVC 
2. Applicable to : bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, dormitories, etc. 
3. Style: retro and classic 
4. Features:  mildew proof, no foul smell, greening decoration, waterproof, high color fastness. 
5. Size: about 45 * 100 cm / 17.72 * 39.37 inch 

Instructions for Use:
1.Please affix it to the surface of glasses or tiles, and firstly dry the surface with a clean cloth before pasting.
2. If the wall is damped, aged or just was painted, the wall stickers may automatically fall off after pasting. Therefore, you can use the hair dryer to dry the wall with hot air. please carefully select paste position. 
3. if you paste the sticker in the wrong position of the wall, you can gently lift up one edge of the sticker and tear it off with a small blade, and it is ok if you re-paste it. Our product can be reused under normal circumstances.