RC Excavator 1:12

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Does your child get BORED easily? Want to keep them Entertained for HOURS?
Well these RC Excavator 1:12 are just what they need!
Let them unleash their inner CREATIVE side which is IMPORTANT for child development. Watch them ENTERTAIN themselves for HOURS with these REALISTIC 1:12 scale trucks
These remote control construction trucks take it to the NEXT LEVEL! They feature a 360-degree rotating body and a movable HYDRAULIC simulated 3-POINT arms for real-life digging motion. What your child's eye LIGHT UP and bring their little dreams TO LIFE.
  • A 1/14 scale model of a real excavator, can really work as a real thing
  • The player can remote control it to move forward or backward, turn left or right as well as elevate and depress the arm
  • Manual programming for more fun and possibilities
  • Enough power to support effortless climbing
  • The bucket, crab and wheel hubs are all made of hard metal for durability
  • Rubber tires resist slip and wear
  • Dual lock type external charging
  • You may find yourself joining in WITH THEM they are that AMAZING! Made with children and environmental
  • SAFE ABS materials. The EASY to use controllers will allow them to build & explore. Also comes with a 60
  • day Warranty!
  • PERFECT for kids aged 5-15 years old.