Portable Non-Stick Barbecue Grill

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Product Description: 
  • Resto-type non-sticky BBQ Smokeless BBQ Grill + BBQ Brush 
  • This BBQ Smokeless BBQ grill allows you to enjoy your favorite at any time regardless of the weather.
  • You can use this party 13-inch grill for BBQ as long as your house is equipped with a gas stove. 
  • Water-filled outer ring grips fat and juices during cooking, eliminate smoke and splatter. 
  • High quality non-sticky surface ensures easy cleaning. 
  • Size (Approx.): Large grill Diameter: 31.5 cm / 12.40in, Grill Inner Diameter: 25cm / 9.84in 
  • Material: Grill (+ Iron Alloy), Silicone Brush 
  • Feature: Easily Mounted, Easily Cleaned
  • Certificate: EMC, SEU, CE, AGA, 3C, CSA, GS
  • Safety Device: Oxygen Prostration Safety Device, Flame Safety Device, High Pressure Protection Device
  • Metal: Cast iron
  • Finish: Uncoated
NOTE: This grill cannot be used in stove induction cookers.

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1 pc Portable Non-Stick Barbecue Grill
1 pc Silicone Brush