Portable Metal Inflator Pump with LED Lighting

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Never worry about flat tires again with this Portable Inflator Pump! With this pump, you can pump car and bicycle tires easily and effortlessly! Compact and flexible, this Portable Inflator Pump is also safe with LED lighting. It is ideal for car tires, bicycle tires, sports balls, and other inflatable toys.
It has a metal-type inflatable mouth and an interface that is resistant to wear and tear and will not easily get damaged. The tire pressure gauge has a mechanical pointer dial with a multi-scale display and great core quality. It is also easy to use; just connect to your car cigarette lighter port for control, then slip the universal adapter over your tire.

1. Connect the power cord into the inflator pump jack, and then the other end into the car cigarette lighter jack.
2.The top of the trachea nozzle twist on the tire valve: hear the tire has a discouraged voice, said it has been
turned on immediately tighten the air nozzle so that the intake pipe seal.
3. Start the pump switch, then the value of the meter will increase with the tire pressure saturation, when the
value reaches the appropriate pressure (the general car tire pressure is 2.5KG / CM2) will start the switch cut
off, go under the plug and gas nozzle, that is to complete the inflatable work.


  • Interlocking nozzles that fit most inflatables
  • Stays lock-secured during use
  • High safety performance
  • The built-in fan, fast cooling
  • Long-lasting operation
  • Fast inflation
  • Metal motor powered 19-cylinder
  • Gives pressures up to 100 PSI
  • Will inflate from 0-35 PSI to standard mid-size car tires in around 3-5 minutes
  • Low noise
  • High-quality metal impellers
  • Comes with 3 additional adaptors for the car, motorcycle, bicycle, air cushion, and balls
  • Color: Black/Yellow/Green
  • Voltage: 12V.
  • Material: ABS.


  • 1 x Tire Pump.
  • 1 x Power Cord.
  • 3 x Gas Nozzles.
  • 1 x Rubber Tube.