Perfect Portion Diet Containers

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 This Perfect Portion Diet Containers allow you to enjoy certain high-calorie foods in moderation. You will be able to realistically stick with your diet. It is a color-coded, microwave-safe food containers, distinguishing the different food groups and ensuring a full, healthy diet.
Material: PP
Color: Multi Colors
Blue box size: 6.3x4cm /2.48x1.57 inches (120ML)
Orange box size: 8x4.3cm /3.15x1.69 inches (210ML)
Purple box size: 8x5.2cm /3.15x2.05 inches (250ML)
Trumpet yellow box size: 5x3cm /1.97x1.18 inch (32ML)
Green and red box size: 9.3x5.8cm /3.66x2.28 inches (290ML)
No more counting calories
Special color-coded containers are clearly labeled by food group
With the perfect portions control system, you can start losing weight fast
Comes with a durable lid to cover tightly and dishwasher, microwave safe
Eat directly from the containers or combine on a plate for delicious meals.
Package Inclusion:
7 x Perfect Portion Diet Containers (set)