Panoramic Light Bulb Camera

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Product Features:

  • Ingeniously Designed: LED bulbs are modern in design and high-quality materials mimic high-end energy-saving luminaires to help it fit comfortably into any office, retail or home environment. Motion Detector: The built-in motion sensor is finely tuned to detect motion within 26 feet. The motion detection mode provides optimum efficiency and prevents LED bulbs from being recorded continuously throughout the night (unless you have an unwelcome guest).
  • Night Vision: 24 infrared LEDs 940nm lamps surround the LED bulb sensor, illuminating the invisible light to the scene. Even in the dark cash room at night, LED bulbs will provide undisputed video evidence of any crime.
  • Suitable For Any Socket: The LED bulb built-in accessory matches the standard E27 socket, so most users can remove it from the box and screw it directly into the selected location without any complicated installation procedures. International buyers or anyone with a non-standard outlet can use the adapter for easy access. Time And Date Stamping: All material recorded by the LED bulb automatically adds a date and time watermark to make your recordings easy to view, store, organize and use in legal proceedings (if needed). This feature is optional. Easy to review material.

How To Use

  • Install the ICSEE App and register an account 
  • Press "+" and begin to set Wifi 
  • Now, wait for the connection and use 
  • Product Details: TF Card: 128G 
  • TF Card (not included) 
  • Power Supply(V): 110-230V 
  • IR Distance(m): 10M 
  • Network Interface: Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g 
  • Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless 
  • High Definition: 1.3 Megapixels 
  • Power Consumption(W): 6W 
  • Supported Mobile Systems: Android, iOS 
  • Lens (mm): 1.44mm 
  • Storage: Support up to 128GB Memory card 
  • Audio Output: Built-in Mic and speaker 
  • Technology: P2P LED white light camera, wireless wifi 
  • Alarm: Motion detection alarm 
  • Record Mode: All day record, alarm record