Circle Coaster Labyrinth Puzzle Toy

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  • Great educational toy. Helps build hand-eye coordination, mathematics, early shape, color and size differentiation 
  • No assembly required, no pieces come out. Just take it and enjoy playing the 
  • Do not worry about the baby choking one small parts Because of all the pearls can not be separated. 
  • Colorful toy with butterfly, bees and snails are really cute. 
  • Help develop children's knowledge of animals. attract the attention of the children, remain calm. 
  • Do not break easily and do not worry about the baby choking on small pieces because the toy does not separate. 
  • The unlimited creativity of wooden toys are designed to cultivate the imagination, exploration and coordination. We are passionate in 
  • educational toys and we also want to share their childhood with joy and happiness. 
  • Circle Toy 
  • is made with 3 different color maze track and with different color beads + form. Baby likes colorful things because it can help keep their attention on the toy more.
  • The metal tracks are covered when they go into the wood with black rings that are secured to the base. 
  • Baby chase and push the ball with his fingers. 
  • Abacus tools 
  • The bottom of the toy comes with 2 rows of straight track pearls. Many wooden bead labyrinth does not have this feature. Play it like abacus. 
  • Good learning activities for children with special needs too! This toy is very interactive maze, teaches colors, motion, cause and affect, and counting. Pearls are also different sizes.

Product Material: Wood 
Product Weight: 0.8 kg 
Packing Size: 23 * 15.5 * 22.8 cm 
Good choice to take care of your child.

Package Contents:

1 set Puzzle Toys