Multi-functional Effervescent Spray Cleaner

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Multi-functional Effervescent Spray Cleaner is a powerful integrated cleaning agent. Not only is it suitable for stains of clothing, but also has the decontamination effect on the scale cover of kitchen stains, stains on the floor, wood polish, etc. which can replace the ordinary cleaning. With a clean one-piece, no chemical bleach, it can be used safely for pet stains without harming pets. Super concentrated car glass cleaner than the conventional cleaning agent. Convenient use, small and portable Easy to rinse.
  • Material: Maritime Algae
  • Use: Household, Car
  • Feature: Ecologically Sustainable
  • Type: Cleaning Tool
  • ·Size: 15-18mm / 0.59-0.71”
  • Color: Blue, White, Red (Bottle Random Delivery)
  • Type of material: Concentrated