Multi-Function Jump Starter

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Multi-Function Jump Starter and Portable Power Supply 

Multi-Function Jump Starter will safely jump-start any 12V gas battery (2.0L Gas Engine) multiple times, it also provides hours of essential back-up power to your computer laptop and all USB powered electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, PSP's, GPS, MP3 Players, Bluetooth headsets and many more applications.

Designed the power-bank which you can take with you anywhere and remain confident that you will be able to start your vehicle, make that important call, or power your tablet on that long trip in the car.

This Jump Starter is equipped with a 2 x 5-Volt USB ports for charging all USB-enabled devices & electronics. It also offers a 12V and 19V DC Power Supply output for charging and powering a huge variety of electronic devices including Laptop’s from most brands, it even has an high brightness LED flashlight with 3 different flash patterns (High, Strobe and SOS signal).

This Power-Bank has built-in protection from overcharge and over-discharge, reverse polarity and short-circuiting. With automatic shut-off capability, it allows the unit to stay charged for longer periods of time between uses. This unit can hold a charge up to 6 months without use.