Mini Bluetooth Printer

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Compared to conventional thermal receipt printer, the printer has a smaller mini body, more reliable capability, more stable printing and portable advantages.
Mini printer can use more fields, such as taxi ticket printing, administrative costs receipt printing, postal receipt printing, print restaurant ordering information, payment information online and print.
- Effective print width: 48mm
- Printing method: Thermal line printing
- Print command: ESC / POS compatible command
- Print speed: Up to 90mm / sec
- Resolution: 8 dots / mm (203dpi)
- Print: 12×24 / 24×24
- Column capacity: 32 columns / 16 column
- Character size: 1.5 x 3.0 mm (W x H) / 3.0×3.0mm (WxH)
- Paper Size: 58.0 ± 0.1mm x 40.0mm diameter
- Paper Thickness: 0.06 to 0.08mm
- Character Set: Alphanumeric / Chinese Kanji
- Interface: USB, Serial, Bluetooth (optional)
- Data Buffer: Up to 5K bytes
- Power adapter: 9V DC / 2A
- Battery Power: 7.4V DC / 1500mA
Android operation system test (APP: Printer-X):
1.In App Store search and Download “Printer-X” software
2.Open android mobile Bluetooth, then open “Printer-X”
3. In “Printer-X” will search “BlueTooth Printer”
4.Connect success, put content into Edit Box to test printing.
Test: bold, underline, double width, double height, (minimum font)
5. Printing
Package includes:
1x printer