Middle Finger Style Cup

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Start your day with a bold statement!
Similar to the have a nice day Middle Finger Mug, this is basically the exact opposite, where instead of flipping the bird to strangers as you take a sip of your coffee, you are giving yourself the middle finger, which I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that...

Either you're giving it as a gift to someone or for a prank where a coworker asks you to get him a cup of coffee and you fill this mug up for him, and once he drinks far enough down; BOOM! You have been flicked off by a 3D middle finger protruding from the bottom of your mug!

Made from the finest Ceramic quality there is to ensure long-lasting use. Share fun times during breakfast and coffee breaks with this Middle Finger Mug. Home and office parody is guaranteed when you use this mug. It's also a wonderful gag gift for friends, personal use or maybe direct it at work colleagues and give them a wink as they see your cheeky message. This coffee mug arrives in a carefully packaged gift box.


Dimensions: 9.5 cm (Height) x 8 cm (Diameter)
Dimensions (packaging): 13 cm x 16.5 cm x 10.5 cm
Material: Ceramic
Colour: White

From the outside, this mug looks completely innocent. However, once your victim gets to the end of his or her drink, the surprise 3D gesture will reveal itself. Showing the recipient a large middle finger. This makes an ideal gift for your "favorite" colleague or even your lovely neighbor. Fill this mug up and give it to someone that deserves the finger. This hilarious mug will give you and your buddies a laugh after they finish enough coffee to see a middle finger starring them right in the face.

  • Top selling office gift
  • Funny to prank your friends
  • Hours of laughter
  • Amazing gift
  • Hard and sturdy ceramic, won't break easily