Matching Smart Eggs Toy

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  • One is equipped with six (12 half sides, not the same shape) eggs, exactly the same as the real egg-shaped,clear sound when it collides, funny when it rotates 
  • Different colored shapes and symbols, so that children can not do it, improving the ability of children to recognize graphic, the baby hand coordination inspires the training capacity .
  • The size and shape are the same as those of a real egg you do not have to worry that the baby might swallow.
  • A batch of color variety -  colors are red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, the shape of an arrow, pentagon, round, heart-shaped, flower-shaped, cross-shaped, pentagram, square, triangle ...
  • A set of 6 eggs, divided into  two versions,
  • Great performance, just a little tight when used initially, play a lot will loosen a bit
Packaging: Suction plate (six eggs per plate)
Product size: the same size and shape as real eggs
Net weight of product: 160g
Suitable age:  6 months - 36 months
Baby equipment: high quality non-toxic, odorless plastic, detailed workmanship, no frills, no glitches, will not cause damage to the baby skin!
How to play
1. Matching: Put some eggs together and let them be assembled one by one.
2. Collision: Put a few eggs together, let the baby play freely and hit each other;
3. Classification: Let the baby find different colors and shapes of these eggs, and you can find the fastest!
4. colors and forms in physical and pictures are not necessarily one to one!