Door Jammer

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A very useful device to add extra security whilst at home or away. A very useful way to quickly secure and protect unlocked doors. The device can be used to “jam” a door shut to prevent someone forcing it open giving you safety and security in potentially dangerous situations. You may just want privacy at home without the need to install a permanent lock to your internal door.

It has an adjustable foot that is on the end of a hinged leg that lets the jammer be installed on many types of flooring, be it flat or have an incline.

In an emergency, the Door Jammer can quickly be pulled from the door so will not pose a risk in the event of a fire. The user simply jerks the device in an upward motion and it will immediately free itself from its locked position.

Suitable for use on almost any type of surface including, hardwood, carpet, tiles, linoleum and rugs.