Amazing Bubble Ball

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Let's unleash summer together with Amazing Bubble Ball! Your child will love the fun design of the Wubble Bubble Ball with Pump in the Purple style, which is more fun than a ball and more durable than a bubble. The ball can be used inside or outside for versatile play and is lightweight for great games of catch.  

Amazing Bubble Ball is made with the super strong, tear-resistant material, Xpandium .You can kick it, whack it, throw it, bounce it and even sit on it without worrying about deflating it. When you filled bubble balls, they can automatic seal by themselves Revolutionary, patent-pending design allows it be filled easily and continuously reused. 

No BPA's, No PVC, No Latex.This bubble ball floats, wobbles, dribbles, spins, smashes and even makes really wacky sounds. When you're finished playing, you can even deflate Bubble Ball and put it away for next time.

Package Included:

1 × Amazing Bubble Ball 
1 × Instruction Guide

Product information:

Item Weight: 200g
The size of the Bubble Ball is 1ft before fill water or air.
The maximum size is 6ft after filled water or air.