650w Airbrush with Airless Compressor Paint Sprayer

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Packing List (gun with compressor)

  • 1650 w air compressor 
  • 2.0mm gun nozzle with paint feed pipe and 800 ml container 
  • 1.4m air hose connecting the compressor and gun
  • viscosity measuring cup
  • shoulder
  • User manual

Packing List (without compressor gun)

  • 2.0mm gun nozzle
  • supply pipe Painting
  • 800 ml container


  • Removable system. 
  • Easy to replace. Repair. Clean
  • Recommended Painting Materials: Based paint and water emulsions, enamel paint and water, Solvent based lacquer color, varnish, Dye, oil, disinfectants, pesticides, Pesticides detergenit
  • 110v UL plug Sprayer